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Candidate Privacy Notice

January 1, 2020

The purpose of this Candidate Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is to inform individuals who inquire about and/or apply for employment with [Couch Distributing Company Inc.] (“the Company” or “we” or “us”) of the categories of personal information we collect from candidates, through our website ( and other avenues of submission, and the purposes for which we use such personal information (“Applicant Personal Information”).  This notice is intended to comply with all applicable laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act.  If any provision below conflicts with a legal requirement, then the Company will comply with the applicable law.

Employment with Company is “at-will” and that generally cannot be modified by an employee or representative of Company. This means if you are hired, either you or Company can separate your employment at any time without notice or cause.

1 – Collection and Use of Candidate Personal Information

The Company collects, uses, and discloses Personal Information about job candidates for business purposes only and consistent with applicable laws.  Where the Company discloses Personal Information to third parties, it does so for the same business purposes described below and, where appropriate, requires that such parties maintain its confidentiality and maintain appropriate systems and processes to ensure its security and protection.

We may collect and use the following categories of Personal Information about you to when you inquire about and/or apply for employment at the Couch Distributing Company Inc.

Contact information: Such as your name, home and work address, personal and work telephone numbers, personal and work email addresses.

How we use it: We will use this information to open and maintain candidate records and communicate with you regarding your interest in a job opportunity with us, your application for employment, or updates on your candidacy.

Job-related information and qualifications: Such as position applied for, previous job roles, education, awards, qualifications, certificates, licenses, financial relationships, compensation and salary information, and any other information you choose to provide in your resumes and/or applications.

How we use it: We will use this information to assess your suitability for a position at the Company and conflict of interest reporting.

National identification information: Such as your country of birth or the country where you are a registered national or citizen, and any visa or other right to work.

How we use it: We will use this information to determine your eligibility to work and fulfill our obligations to relevant government authorities.

Travel-related records: Frequent flyer numbers, itineraries, flight, train, rental car, car service, hotel or other similar information.

How we use it: We will use this information to arrange or reimburse travel where you require travel to interview with us or in connection with your candidacy for employment, contact you during travel, as necessary with travel service providers, or in an emergency situation.

Results of background checks and screening: Such as education verification and criminal records and driver’s license checks.

How we use it: We will use this to determine your suitability for certain job roles (to the extent permitted or required by law).

References: Such as opinions and comments of any previous employers.

How we use it: We will use this to determine your suitability for certain job roles.

Equal opportunities monitoring information: Such as your ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

How we use it: We will use this to conduct equal opportunity and diversity monitoring where permitted or required by law.

Internet or other electronic network activity information. This category includes without limitation:

  • All activity on the Company’s information systems, such as internet browsing history, search history, and email communications
  • All activity on communications systems including phone calls, call logs, voice mails, text messages, chat logs, and app use

How we use it: Purposes listed above

Geolocation data: This category includes GPS location data from company-issued mobile devices and company-owned vehicles.

How we use it: Purposes listed above. Additionally, to improve efficiency, logistics, and supply chain management.

Inferences drawn from the Applicant Personal Information in the categories above. 

We do not require, but you may also voluntarily choose to provide, other relevant information as part of your application. We would prefer that you avoid submitting the following sensitive information, except where such information is legally required, or needed for us to comply with our legal obligations and internal policies relating to diversity and anti-discrimination: medical or health conditions, family medical history, genetic information, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, marital status, trade union membership, sex life, creed, nationality, national origin, and/or color.

Any information you submit must be true, complete, not misleading and you must have the lawful right to provide it. If not, this may lead to a rejection of your application during the application process or disciplinary action including immediate dismissal if you have been employed. If you intend to provide us with details of a reference or any other third party as part of your CV/résumé, it is your responsibility to obtain consent from that third party prior to passing the personal information to us. If you become an employee, any personal information that you submit may become part of your employment file and may be used for other employment/work-related purposes as permitted by local law.

To carry out the purposes outlined above, Company may share information with third parties, such as background check vendors, third-party human resources and information technology vendors, cloud service providers, recruiting companies, outside legal counsel, and state or federal governmental agencies.  The Company may add to the categories of Applicant Personal Information it collects and the purposes it uses Applicant Personal Information. In that case, the Company will inform you.

2 – Additional Purposes for Using Personal Information

In addition to the uses set forth above, the Company may use and share the categories of Personal Information identified:

  • To comply with applicable legal and regulatory requests and obligations (including investigations).
  • To establish or defend legal claims and allegations.
  • For security or the prevention, detection, or investigation of fraud, suspected or actual illegal activity, or other misconduct.
  • To seek advice from lawyers, auditors and other professional advisers.

3 – Data Retention

We are required to temporarily retain certain information relating to candidates applying for jobs. If there is no activity in relation to Applicant Personal Information, Company may remove it from its database, subject to Company’s data retention obligations and policies and any applicable legal or regulatory obligations or for the period of time permitted by local laws, for the purpose of considering whether your skills are suitable for other opportunities. Note that Company may delete personal information about you at any time (including your CV/résumé), without any reason. Therefore, please retain your own copy of the personal information provided to us.

4 – Consent

The provision of personal information, including on the Site, is voluntary. Please note however that the failure to provide sufficient information may result in Company being unable to consider you for employment, promotion, transfer, or relocation. Please read this Statement carefully and specifically regarding our collection, retention, use, transfer and disclosure of Applicant Personal Information and the other provisions concerning your application as described in this Statement. Changes to Statement

We reserve the right to amend this Statement at any time without advance notice in order to address future developments of Company, the Site or changes in industry or legal trends. We will post the revised Statement on the Site or announce the change on the home page of the Site. You can determine when the Statement was revised by referring to the “Last Updated” legend on the top of this Statement. Any changes will become effective upon the posting of the revised Statement on the Site. By continuing to use the Site following such changes, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes. If you do not agree with the terms of this Statement, in whole or part, you can choose to not continue to use the Site.

5 – Questions

If you have any questions about this Notice, please contact Marty Corley at 104 Lee Rd Watsonville Ca 95077 or 831-724-0649 Ext.217

Employment Application Forms

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State and federal laws prohibit discrimination in employment because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, religion, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or any other characteristics protected by federal, state or local law.

NOTE: Please answer all questions completely and accurately. False or misleading statements during the interview and/or on this form are grounds for terminating the application process, or if discovered after employment, terminating the employment relationship.

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